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T/F: The more coronal a fracture, the fracture the better the prognosisfalse
T/F: For avulsed teeth the crown and root should be physically aggressively cleansedfalse
T/F: Because of the physical strength difference between soft tissue and bone, causing soft tissue damage will usually not injure the underlying bony structureFalse
_______ is a wound caused by blunt traumaContusion
______ is a tear in the epithelial and subcutaneous tissuesLaceration
______ is a wound which demonstrates removal of the epithelial layer and parts of the dermisAbrasion
T/F: Routine management of lacerations include aggressive underminingFalse
T/F: Hemmorhagic Salivary Disease is considered a salivary gland disorderFalse (i'm not even sure this is an actual thing)
Minor salivary glands are abundant in all areas of the oral cavity except for the..Anterior 1/3 of the palate
Necrotizing sialmetoplasia is a reactive inflammatory process which involves minor salivary glands and clinically resembles scc and mucoepidermoid carcinoma. The treatment is aggressive local resection of involved soft tissue and bone.FALSEbenign lesion that resolves on itself w/o treatment
When evaluating traumatic injuries to the parotid gland there is potential injury to the Maxillary branch of Trigeminal n.False
When evaluating traumatic injuries to the parotid gland there is potential injury to the Facial NerveTrue
t/F: Minor salivary glands have a higher incidence of malignant tumor growthTRUE (compared to what?)
T/F: Warthin's Tumor is not a malignant salivary gland lesionTrue (the only one w/o carcinoma)
T/F: Warthin's tumor is a malignant salivary gland lesionFalse (no carcinoma)
Serum immunoperoxidase is not a diagnostic test for Sjogren’s syndromeTrue
Serum immunoperoxidase is a diagnostic test for Sjogren’s syndromeFalse
The ranula involves which salivary gland?Sublingual gland
The most frequently fractured area of the mandible is?None of the above
T/F: The coronoid process is the most common fractureFalse
General treatment in facial fractures include?All of the above
T/F: With pan facial fractures, a thorough examination of the pt is necessary to rule out injuries to other parts of the body. Once treatment is started the mandible should be treated firstTrue
(1 & 2 each t/f) 1. The CT scan with its multiple imaging formats has become the gold standard for imaging facial fractures. 2. Because of this there is little use or need for plain film radiographs or dental radiographs1 True 2 False
A ______ Fracture is A fracture of the mandible through the tooth socket. A fracture exposed to the external environment.Compound
A ______ Fracture is A fracture with complete transection of bone that does not communicate with the external environment.Simple
T/F: Fracture that went all the way through both cortices but not open to the enviroment is called a greenstick fractureFalse (Greenstick is incomplete fracture)
A ______ fracture is A fracture with multiple little piecesCominuted
T/F: A fracture where fracture line and muscle pull resist displacement are considered favorableTrue
T/F: Le Fort I fracture involves the nasal bones.FALSE (Le Fort I does not involve the nasal bones)
Townes view evaluates what area?Mandibular condyles
If a tooth is missing what examination of a trauma patient what should you do?PA and lateral Chest films (chest films for aspiration of tooth)
When examining a pt with trauma to the maxillofacial area which is the most appropriate response?All of the above
Which of the following describes the ideal location of the IA following mandibular orthognathic surgery.... The ____ segment alwaysDistal
What is the percentage of TMJ disorders that are not within the joint and can be treated with surgery?5%
When dental alveolar fractures are encountered with mobility in involvement of multiple teeth what do you do?All of the above (?)
How many walls are cut when facilitang a Le Fort I osteotomy?5 and it involves the tooth bearing maxilla
What are the two broad descriptions that are most appropriate in classifying TMJ/TMD treatment?Surgical and Non Surgical
A pt who presents with facial pain but cannot localize any specific area on the broad side of head or face would most likely be classified with having ______ painmyofacial pain
The popping noise in the preauricular area when the pt closes is the.._____ click or pop reciprocal
T/F: A multidiscplinare approach to TMD is a waste of time..FALSE
What are the 4 absolute indications for ORIF (open reduction with rigid internal fixation) of a condyle fracture?(Displaced condyle into the MCF, Inability to achieve proper occlusion with MMF, Lateral displacement of the condyle, & Foreign body in the joint) (these are the ABSOLUTE indications)
Main function of the capsular ligament is to contain ______ fluid.synovial
T/F: The difference between ant diss displacement with or without reduction the disk goes back on opening and without reduction the disk stays anterior during openingTRUE
Associated problems with alveolar clefts include:All of the above.
T/F: Problems in children with clefts include Esophageal problemsFalse
The _____ ______ swelling and _______ swelling migrate and fuse to make the upper lip. Takes place the ___-____ weeks in uteroMedian Nasal; Maxillary; 5-10 week
Most common dentoskelatal malocclusion in cleft patient is what?Max retrusion/ hypoplasia
T/F: Ear problems result from Malformation of the cartilage external auditpry canalFalse
T/F: Failure of the tongue to extend forward to contact the lip does not contribute to speech problemsTrue
T/F: Failure of the tongue to extend forward to contact the lip does contributes to speech problemsFalse
T/F: Children with cleft lip and palate deformities are 20 times more likely to have other abnormalitiesTRUE
Regarding time of surgical repair the rules of 10's refers to 10 weeks of age 10 grams of body weight and 10dc hemoTRUE
t/F: Scar formation from multiple surgeries (cleft palate) results in maxillary growth restrictionTRUE
t/f: Closing the lip in a cleft baby as early as possible molds the alveolus and allows for better feedingTRUE
For alveolar clefts the ideal time for grafting is when ½ - 2/3 of _____ root has formedcanine (not incisor)
t/f: A popular function and successful technique for repair cleft lip is rotational and advancement procedureTRUE
A popular function and successful technique for repair cleft lip is ______ and ________ procedurerotational & advancement procedure
What is initial mechanism for nutrition of non vascular grafts?Plasmatic diffusion
Long lasting inability to close is referred to as _______subluxation
When significant amounts of bone needed for grafting what is the sutible donor siteHip/iliac crest
A _______ bone graft is graft with greatest concentration of osteogenic cellscancellous
Goals for mandibular reconstruction includeAll of the above
A ______ is defined as disruption or destruction of both hard and soft tissue attended by secondary harmful effects to adjacent regional structures and the body as a whole.Fracture
BMP stands for ______ ______ proteinBone morphogenic protein
Free fibula graft is a ___-vascular _____ graftMicrovascular Composite
Which of the following is an advantage of an allogenic soft tissue graft relative to xenograftLower morbidity
What is the most important thing needed for orthognathic tx planning?Diagnostic models (b/c can create splint for surgery and tx plan where cuts will go)


Question Answer
Salivary glands develop as buds into ______ tissue (embryologically)Mesenchymal
The _____ salivary gland has primarily serous salivaParotid
The _____ salivary gland has primarily mucous salivaSublingual
The _____ salivary gland has mixed salivaSubmandibular
Minor Salivary glands are all over the oral cavity except for what 3 locations?Anterior 1/3 of hard palate, Attached gingiva, Anterior 1/3 of dorsal tongue
What is the most common type of salivary gland disorder?Obstructive (most common stone site submandibular)
T/F: saliva is a very "irritating substance"True
T/F: A mucocele is a true cystFalse (no epithelial lining)
T/F: A mucocele is not a true cystTrue (no epithelial lining)
What are the 2 most common locations of Pseudocysts?Lower lip or Buccal mucosa (traumatized minor SG's)
What microbe is responsible for Acute Suppurative Sialadenitis?S. Aureus
What viral disease that affects a Salivary gland can also lead to sterility in males?Mumps
Which have a higher incidence of malignant tumors... Minor or Major salivary glands?Minor
T/F: Warthin's tumor is malignantFalse (benign)
T/F: Adenoid Cystic Carcinomas have a very poor prognosistrue?
_______ carcinoma is the most common type of salivary gland malignancy in adults.Mucoepidermoid
t/F: you should splint teeth with subluxation following traumaFalse (you should not, but you should splint tooth that have been avulsed, extruded or laterally displaced)
What gender has greater prevalence of Cleft lip/palate?Boys (3:2)
Which side is a more common unilateral cleft lip?Left
The upper lip is formed by what "swellings" embryologically?2 medial nasal swellings and 2 maxillary swellings
The palatal shelves fuse with primary palate and form the incisive foramen during which embryological weeks?7-10 weeks
If a child is born with a cleft then the chance the next child born (sibling) will also have a cleft is ___% higher5%
The most common occlusion in cleft is Class ___ and is due to skeletal discrepancies3
_____ _____ is a muscular bulge of the pharynx that developed during attempt at closure of the passage in some individuals with cleft palatePasavant's Ridge
What is the Rule of 10's for timing of Cleft Lip repair in an otherwise healthy baby10 weeks, 10 lb baby weight, & 10 grams/dL of hemoglobin
t/F: repair of cleft palate leads to Scar formation from the surgery; this causes maxillary growth restrictionstrue
The Objective of cheilorrhaphy is ______ and _______rotation and advancement
What is the goal of Palatorrhaphy?Two-layer closure (create a mechanism for speech/swallowing without inhibiting maxillary growth)
The Vomer technique is a _____ layer closureone layer (not as ideal b/c not two layer?)
What are the 3 layers that must be closed in soft palate correction (and in the correct order)nasal mucosa, muscle, and oral mucosa
The Ideal time for Alveolar graft is when ½ to 2/3 of the unerupted ______ root has formedCanine
Initial mechanism for nutrition of non-vascularlizred grafts is through ______ ______plasmotic diffusion
_______ bone graft has greatest concentration of osteogenic cellsCancellous
Osteo-______ is formation of new bone from osteoprogenitor cellsgenesis
Osteo-______ is Formation of bone from host derived or transplanted osteoprogenitor cells along a biologic or alloplastic frameworkconduction
Osteo-______ is Formation of new bone by guided differentiation of stem cells precursors to secretory osteoblasts via y bone inductive proteinsInduction