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一長一短icchouittan / advantages and disadvantages
汚染osen / polution
環境問題kankyoumondai / environmental problem
義務教育gimukyouiku / compulsory education
極端kyokutan / extreme
高齢化koureika / aging
超えるkoeru / to exceed
実情jitsujyou / actual circumstances
出生率shusseiritsu / birth rate
寿命jumyou / lifespan
深刻shinkoku / serious
人類jinrui / mankind
進化shinka / evolution
水準suijun / standard
対策taisaku / countermeasure
統計toukei / statistics
不況fukyou / recession
要因youin / factor
圧倒的attouteki / overwhelmingly
居心地igokochi / the way one feels for places
苛立つiradatsu / to get frustrated
画期的kakkiteki / innovative
干渉kanshou / interference
管理主義kanrishugi / controlling policy
企業kigyou / company, corporation
競争kyousou / competition
講義kougi / lecture
校内暴力kounaibouryoku / school violence
処理shori / process
進学率shingakuritsu / percentage of students who go on to uni
選択肢sentakushi / choices, options
率直socchyoku / frank, open
大衆化taishuuka / popularisation
単位tani / credit
不登校futoukou / truancy
面倒mendou / troublesome
山積みyamazumi / heaps of~ accumulation of
要領youryou / point, knack

Section 2

Question Answer
X[noun/sentence] (の)たらif that is the case / if what you say is true
案外Xx than i expected / more x than i thought
手を抜く (手抜き)to do carelessly
Xことはありえる・ありえないit is possible / it is unlikely
s(plain)からといって、必ずしもxとは限らないjust because s, doesn't necessarily make x true
一長一短merits and demerits / advantages and disadvantages
(どこもかしこも)x だらけevery place is full of x
一斉にall at once / simultaneously
xわけがない・xはずがないthere is no reason why x; its impossible to x
x(verb)たらきりがないit is endless/neverending if i do x
いざとなったらin the case of an emergency
どうせin the end / i already know / after all
x(noun)が思い浮かぶx comes to mind / makes me think of x
適当に x(verb)not properly / not done with care
圧倒的にoverwhelmingly / astoundingly
ひたすら x(verb)to do nothing but x in an earnest manner
適当な x(noun)proper/appropriate ・ random (two meanings)
xます 心地の・がよいcomfortable / pleasant
むやみにrashly / excessively
言うまでもなくneedless to say
いかにして x(verb plain form)かhow / in what way eg. "how x will happen"
まるっきり(~ない)(not) at all
x(noun)  は二の次だx is of second importance
x(sentence/plain) のも無理はないit is no wonder that x / x is understandable
x(verb plain form) 一坊だjust keeps on x-ing / steadily x-ing / x-er and x-er
思い切り xto do x to one's heart's content

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