Adv effects

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Typical adverse effects

drugadverse effect
CCAheart depression, AV block, constipation
nitroprussidecyanide toxicity
fenoldopamhypotension, tachycardia
nitratesreflex tachycardia
fenolazineconstipation, diziness, headache, nausea
heparinbleeding, allegry, HIT
clopidogrel & ticlopidineneutropenia, purpura
digoxintachycardia, anorexia, blurred vision, electrolyte imbalance
nitroglicerinheadache, hypotension, facial flusshing, tachycardia
angiotensin receptor blockersrenal disfunction
beta blockersbradycardia, hypotension, asthma
alpha1 blockersorthostatic hypotension
HCTZhypokalemia, hyperuricemia - gout
ACEidry cough, hyperkalemia, teratogenicity, angioedema

Things to know

Question Answer
drugs used in DVT, DIC, MI, PEanticoagulants
treatment of HITdirect thrombin inhibitors
what drug is used after heparin induceed bleedingprotamin sulfate
HIT treatment in renal failureargotraban
HIT treatment in liver failurebivalirudin, lepirudin
reversal of warfarinVit K, fresh frosen plasma, prothrombin plasma
what drugs are used in mild HF (1st choice)beta blockers, ACEi
what drugs are used in HF with atrial fiblrilationDigoxin
contraindications to use nitroglicerinincreased intracranial pressure
contraindications to use beta blockersprinzmetal angina
drug used in subarachnoid hemorrhagenimodipine
ACEi can't be mixed withARBs
CCAs cant be used together withbeta blockers
drug used in thyroid stormpropranolol
which drug after MI, tachycardialidocaine
which drug in HTN pregnant womanmethyldopa
first choice for HTNACEi/ Beta blockers