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Erikson v LevinsonTheoretical stage accounts of adult social and personality development
Phases of adulthoodEmerging, early, mid, late
Arnett, 2000"Emerging adulthood = period of exploration and opportunity"
Roisman et al, 2004"Some skills more eaily transferred to adulthood than others"
EriksonStages of adulthood: Intimacy v Isolation, Generativity v Stagnation, Integrity v Despair
Levinson, 1978Seasons of a mans life and Midlife crisis
Seasons of a mans lifeNovice, mid-era and cultivation phases;
Issues with stage approachIndividual variation; midlife crisis triggered by life event
Life-events approachFocuses on responses to normative and non-normative events
Sternberg, 1987Triangle of love (different types of love - linked to life-events, intimacy changes over time)
Bumpass and Aquilino, 1993Mid-life sandwich
Types of grandparentingcompanionate, remote, involved
Rowe and Khan, 1997, 1998Successful aging paradigm - Way of thinking about how earlier decisions affect wellbeing later in adulthood