Adult dev psych mid term part 2

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Question Answer
behaviorthe function of both the person and the environment
competenceupper limit of a person's ability to function in the following domains: physical health, sensory perceptional skills, motor skills, cognitive skills, and ego strength
environmental pressas demands placed on an individual
zone of maximum performanceslight increase in press improves performance
zone of maximum comfortslight decrease in press. no worry about environmental demands
adaption levelpress level is average for a particular level of competance. Press is a balance between press and competance
adaptive behavior and positive emotionhigher quality of life
maladaptive behavior and negative emotionlower quality of life
how to maintain good adaptational levelslower press and increase competance
proactivity response choose new behaviors to gain control of their lives
docilitysituation dictates options. little sense of control
less competence = greater increase of ________impact of environmental factors
preventative and correctional proactivity modelpreventative adaptations and correctional adaptations. preventative=actions that avoid stressors. correctional=actions taken in response to stressor
older adults more likely to use preventative or correctional?correctional
infantalizationself-care beyond clinical environments can lead to learned helplessness
hwhat percentage of people are depressed in nursing homes?30-40%
person centered planningincrease the patients perceived sense of control and respectful personal treatment. focus on the individual. results in decreased need for certain medications
A researcher wants to examine whether a new antidepressant drug works better than a placebo on depressive symptoms in older adults. This would be what kind of study? expirimental
a case study isIntensive investigation of one person
a correlation study isInvestigation that reveals the strength of association between variables.
cross sectional studyPeople of different ages and cohorts observed at ONE time of measurement
longitudinal studyMeasures one cohort over two or more times of measurement.
sequential designInvolves combination of cross sectional and longitudinal designs