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Section 1

Question Answer
specific test/tools for meausringassessment
obtain/interper data evaulation
subjective (what you think)nonstandardized
same results no matter who gives testreliability
OTA service competency percent90
standardized asses is critical to decide whattreatment, environment/modification, admission/discharge
why is service competency important to OTAthe more competent, the more independent; raise your professional level; makes you more employable

Section 2

Question Answer
OTAS can do what in evaluationstandardized assess, interview, med chart review, observe w/service compeentcy for occupational profile
can be done by OTA but not allowed to interpert
Evaluation (4 parts)referral, screening, occupational profile, analysis of occuaptional performance
analysis of occupatinoal profile the OTA can communicate info
parts of interventionplan, implementation, review
outocmes include what time of serivecstransitional and discontinuation
what is a quick look and not comprehensivescreening
types of screening for OTAinterview, med chart review, observation