Adrenergics (NE & EPI) - Pharmacology Exam 1

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Question Answer
Phenylephrine •Alpha 1 agonist for mydriasis and decongestions (vasoconstriction) •Alpha antagonist
Prazosin •Treatment for Hypertension and Congestive Heart Failure •Alpha 1 – alpha antagonists, reversible, selective alpha 2 antagonist
Clonidine•Hypertension •Glaucoma •Alpha 2 agonist
Yohimbine •Reversal for alpha 2 agonist sedative/analgesic like xylazine • Alpha 2 antagonist, reversible
Xylazine•Anesthesia (sedative and analgesic effects) •Alpha 2 agonist
Ephedrine•Urinary incontinence •Indirect acting adrenergic
Phentolamine•Used in the diagnosis of pheochromocytoma (tumor of the adrenal medulla) •Alpha antagonist, reversible, nonselective
Tolazoline•Reversal for the alpha 1 & 2 agonist sedative/analgesic like xylazine •Alpha antagonist
Amphetamine and Cocaine Is an adrinergic, not a lot of info on it
Phenoxybenzamine•Irreversible, non-selective •Treatment of urethral spasm due to functional obstruction, spinal trauma or disc disease •Alpha antagonist
Dobutamine•Cardiogenic shock and heart failure treatment •Beta 1 selective agonist
Atenolol •Treats cardiac tachyarrythmias • Hypertension and glaucoma •Prototype Beta-1 antagonist
Terbutaline •Pre-term labor •Beta 2 selective agonist
Albuterol•Treats cardiac tachyarrhythmia, hypertension, and glaucoma •Prototype Beta-1 agonist
Propranolol•Beta 1 & 2 (nonselective) antagonist •Cardiac Tachyarrhymias – Reduce cardiac rate and force of contraction •Hypertension – inhibits cardiac output & renin secretion •Beta-agonist
Timolol•Glaucoma – Reduces aqueous humor formation (topical) •Beta-agonist