Adrenergic Agonist and antagonist

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Question Answer
MAO inhibitorsprevent intracellular degradation, significan SE, interactions with food
COMT inhibitorsprevent extracellular degradation, significant SE, interactions with food
Cocaine and Methylphenidateblock reuptake of DA
TCAsblock reuptake of NE
Amphetaminesblock reuptake and reverse transporter
PhenylephrineAlpha 1 agonist--increase BP with decreased HR
ClonidineAlpha 2 agonist-- decrease BP and some analgesia
OxymetazolineAlpha 2 agonist--topical application--nasal spray to tx congestion
ApraclondineAlpha 2 agonist-- topical application--eye drops to Tx glacuoma
DobutamineBeta 1 agonist--increase CO with less reflex tachycardia--ICUs
TerbutalineBeta 2 agonist--supresses premature labor
AlbuterolBeta 2 agonist--tx acute bronchospasms (asthma px)
SalmeterolBeta 2 agonist--long term tx for bronchospasms, worse outcomes
Phenoxybenzamine/ PhenotoamineAlpha 1/2 antagonist-tx Phenochromocytoma, lower BP
Prazosin, Doxazosin, TerazosinAlpha 1 antagonist--tx chronic hypertension and urinary retention
TamsulosinAlpha 1 antagonist--tx urinary retention
YohimbineAlpha 2 antagonist--erectile dysfunction
PropanololBeta blocker--treat everything
TimololBeta blocker--treat chronic glacuoma

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