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formal education typesacademic, non academic, extracurricular, vocational
activities needed for engaging in employment or volunteer activitieswork
identify/selecting work interest and pursuit
identify opportunities, submit application, prepare for interview, discusss benefitsseeking and acquisition
spontaneous or organized activity that provides enjoyment, entertainment, amusement, or diversionplay
organized pattern of behavior expected of one in social systemsocial participation
sleep is essential for whatwell-being and participating in ADL
supports healthy active engagement in other occupationAOTA sleep
quiet and efforless actions resulting in relaxed statesrest definition
activites resulting in going and staying asleep; ensure health and safetysleep definition
engage in routine that prepare for comfortable restsleep prep
taking care of personal needs for sleepsleep participation
not obtaining restorative sleep is calledsleep insufficiency
how many sleep disorders80
factors due to sleep problemspulmonary disease, congestive heart failure, parkinson, alzheimers, poor sleep habits, meds
makes armchair an automatic lifting seatuplift seat assist
fully featureed powered adjustable bedhi low adjustable bed
inedent for occipital lobesofteaze orthopedic pillow
cervical/lumbar/thoracic supportavana king bed orthopedic support system

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non-obligatory activity thats motivating; anything you like to doleisure
formal activity examplessoccer game, youth group, bowling league, bingo
individual activity examplescoloring, legos, internet, needlework
informal acitivtiesdolls, bike, shopping, plant flowers
group actiivty examplesboy/girl scouts, ffa, golf club, ladies aid
sexuality is an ADL because it relates to thequality of life
involves being honest; says I FEELassertive communication
passivity; indirect; holds info; internalize feelingsnonassertive communication
responds angryaggressive communication
want patient to be what kind of communicatoractive engagement and assertive
both parties hidingprotective buffering
constructive prob solving between 2active engagment
refer to underestimation of abilityoverprotection
PLISSIT Moedelpermission, limited info, specific suggestions, intensive therapy