Adoptive immunotherapy

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How do T cells work?Scanning for MHC– peptide complexes that specifically activate their T cell receptors (TCRs)
How can tumor infiltratin lymphocytes be made?Isolated and expanded from tumours simply by excis- ing the tumour mass, dissociating cells into single-cell suspensions or tumour fragments, and adding the T cell growth factor interleukin-2
How are effects of adoptive immunotherapy enhanced?‘Preparative lymphodepletion’ — the temporary ablation of the immune system in a patient with cancer — can be accomplished using chemotherapy alone or in combination with total-body irradiation, and the addition of this step is associated with enhanced persistence of the transferred T cells.
What happens to lymphocytes in tumours chronic activation and are bathed in immunosuppres- sive factors
What molecles supress the immnue system in tumoursT cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain-containing protein 3 (TIM3), lymphocyte acti- vation gene 3 protein (LAG3)
What cells produce supressive signalsmmunosuppressive cell populations — such as myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs
What is the big challenge in cancer immunotherapy? identification of appropriate tumour antigens
What targets can be usedAfter transformation, tumour cells generally continue to express antigens that are character- istic of their tissue site of origin. Tissue-differentiation antigens can be excellent targets for ACT-based ther- apy, but only for tissues that are not essential for life.
Targets include:Viral antigens, Mutated genes, Epigenetic changes which influence the cell surface
Name a promising targetCancer– testis antigens are among the most attractive immuno- therapeutic targets because of their shared expression among many tumour histologies and their lack of expression in normal tissues.
Why are cancer testis antigens exp in cancerDemethylation
What current therapies are availableGenerally for metastatic melanoma
What is the major limitation to ACTsRequire cell production facilities $$
What did William Castle say about cancerPallitation is the daily task of an oncologist- cures are a feverent hope
What makes immunotherapy so excitingInduces long term durable responses which could potentially be curative

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