Administration India history

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state was divided intoKottams
Kottam was administered byofficers appointed by the king
Devadanaland-grants to the temples
Brahmadeyaland-grants to the Bhramins


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Rashtrakuta Empire was divided into several provinces called rashtras
Rashtras were under the control ofrashtrapatis
Rashtras were further divided intovishayas or districts
vishayas or districts were governed byvishayapatis
vishayas or districts divided into bhukti consisting of 50 to 70 villages
bhukti was under the control ofbhogapatis

Gupta Administration

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What were the titles assumed by Gupta Kings ?Paramabhattaraka, Maharajadhiraja, Parameswara, Samrat and Chakravartin
Who assisted the Gupta king ?council consisting of a chief minister, a Senapati or commanderin-chief of the army and other important officials
Who was responsible for foreign affairs in Gupta empire ?Sandivigraha
Who took care of provincial administration during Gupta period ?Officials called Kumaramatyas and Ayuktas
What were provinces called during Gupta period ?Bhuktis
What were provincial governors called during Gupta period ?Uparikas ( mostly chosen from among the princes)
How were Bhuktis were subdivided into ?Vishyas or districts
Who goverened Vishyas ?Vishyapatis
Who were the officers looking after the city administration ?Nagara Shreshtis
Who controlled Villages ?Gramikas
How does fa-hien term Gupta administration ?Mild and Benevolent ,no restrictions on people’s movements ,good personal freedom
What about law and order according to fa-hien ?Punishments were not severe ,usually imposed fines, no spy system, negligible crimes, administration was so efficient that the roads were kept safe for travelers, and there was no fear of thieves, more liberal admn than mauryas