Admin Assistant

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National 4 and 5 Administration and IT

On this page you will learn about the DUTIES, SKILLS and QUALITIES of an ADMIN ASSSISTANT

Admin Assistant Terms

Question Answer
Admin Assistant a person who carries out a range of office duties (Clerical Officer)
Duties of Admin Assistantthe jobs carried out by Admin Assistant (tasks)
Qualities of Admin Assistant the characteristics of an Admin Assistant (what he/she is like)
Skills of Admin Assistantthe abilities of an Admin Assistant (what he/she has to do well to get job done effectively)

Duties of Admin Assistant

Question Answer
Word process business documentsType up letters, notices and agendas
Carry out internet researchFind details of travel and accommodation
Send and receive emailsOrganise meetings and appointments
Use photocopier and faxMake copies of notices and send to others
Work in receptionMeet visitors and answer the phone
Organise eventsSet up training and health and safety meetings
Use databases and spreadsheetsType up customer, staff and financial data
Use ICT equipmentType, print and send information electronically

Skills of Admin Assistant

Question Answer
LiteracyRead and write business documents
NumeracyCalculate sales, profits and losses of business
CommunicationSend and receive written, oral and electronic messages
ICTUse computer to input, output and research information
ProofreadingCheck and correct errors on computer and final printouts
Decision MakingWork out the best way forward
Time ManagementGet tasks complete in time available
Team WorkingWork with group to get jobs completed
Planning and OrganisingSet out procedures in sensible ways

Qualities of Admin Assistant

Question Answer
OrganisedKeep papers and desk neat and tidy
PunctualBe on time and don't be late
EfficientWork well to get desired results
TactfulDo not do or say anything to upset anyone
PatientKeep calm and do not lose temper
ReliableBe dependable and get all work done
KnowledgeableKeep up-to-date on products and services of business
Use InitiativeWork on own without help

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