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Adler feared death because of... , experiences with death around him and his illness
Oedipus complex was not primarily a sexual phenomenon indication of the boys attempts to gain competence, superiority and power as possessed by father.
Narcissism instinctual, it’s learned or acquired. pathological approach to life
EgoThe center of a persons sense of wholeness; the source of autonomy and creative processes.
The Ego is...Creative, not reactive
Human motivation cannot be understood in terms of...attempts to achieve satisfaction through sex, food and sleep
Personality has a...fundamental, innate, evolutionary tendency to grow and to become whole

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Avoidant TypeIndividuals who consistently avoid or ignore problems or challeneges
Getting-leaning typeIndividuals who expect others to satisfy their needs. They attain personal goals by relying on others for help
Ruling-dominant typeIndividuals who are assertive, aggressive, and active. they strive for personal superiority by trying to exploit or control others.
Socially useful typeIndividuals who actively confront and solve problems in a pragmatic and thoughtful manner. such people are socially oriented and prepared to cooperate with others.

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Adler focused on the ____ side of human nature while freud focused on the _______good, ugly
Adler made psychology available to A. The public B. Only the Elites C. Doctors all around the world D. None of the aboveA. The Public
True or False: Empirical testing does indicate that his character types exist, but many more factors are involvedTrue.
True or False: He DID NOT anticipated many later developments and contributed to psychoanalytic, humanistic, social learning theory and cognitive psychologyFalse, he did anticipate many later developments etc...