Additional muscle material

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prefixes for musclemyo, mys, sarco
primary muscle functionsproduce movement, maintain posture & body position, stabilize joints, generate heat as they contract
secondary muscle functionsprotect organs, form valves, control pupil size, cause goosebumps
another word for sarcoplasmic reticulumendoplasmic reticulum
test-resting sarcolemma is polarized meaningthe charge inside the muscle cell is negative compared to outside which is positive
test-generation of an action potential across the sarcolemmaoccurs in 3 steps-end plate potential/depolarization/repolarization-remember dominoes also remember line graph in book
test-what links excitation and contraction togethercalcium
Bonus question- warm up effectTreppe
test-large muscle has moremyofibers/myofibrils/myofilaments
more aerobic exercise leads to moremuscle capillaries, number of motochondria, myoglobin synthesis

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smooth muscle hasmyofilaments only
unitary smooth muscle is the gut