Adaptive Equipment

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Question Answer
example of low technologycomunication board; reacher; cushions; anyone can use
high technology exampleAAC, wheelchair; more difficult
rehab techrestore after onset of pathology
med techuse of tech to improve life functions; ecg; blood pressure monitors
what does AT and university design have in commonusable for all
rehab act of 19731st thing that affected disabilites; least restricted environment
Education of all handicapped children act of 1975IDEA; IEP; rights for education
another name for technology related assistance for disablesAKA tech act
4 benefits of ATgreater control; increased paricipation; widespread interaction w/nondisabled; capcity to benefit from opportunities
Human interfacae assessmentfits performance skill one person
OT AT teamprovides info regardning FM function; ocucpation performance; position for access
At assessment stepsgoal; context; access; posture
tongue keyboard acutal nametongue touch keypad