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Question Answer
Change task for hygeineelectric razor/toothbrush
elimate part of task for hygeineshorter hair=less styling
have someone do part of hygeinehair done by professional
lower bathroom and sink is modifcation or adaptionmodification
use storage bin to keep items for easier reach is modification or adaptionadapation
use body to guide action of clienthand over hand
#1 joint protectionrespect pain
limit what during energy conservationreach, twist, bend
first thing to do for hygeinegloves
training strategiesone handed technique, safety, low vision, energy conservation, joint protection, step by step
underlying safety limitation (3)physical, sensory, behavioral
toilet safety preventionsheight of seat, keep within reach, remove rugs, easy removable clothes
one handed techniquekeep items close; take time
what do first whhen hand over handask
what not to do when toiletingschedule too much
fixed time to go bathroom; urinate ___ hourstimed voiding
how should you flushstand
adpative equipment to pee when not allowed to get out of bedbed pan
pads on bedincontinence pads
surgery bring L intestine to wallcolostomy
starts perioslic reflex and relax analsuppository
used for severe constipationenema
biggest fatigueshowering

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physical underlying limiationstrength, hand function, ROM, coordination, blance, endurance, abnormal tone
sensory underlying limiationtactile, vision, hearing, vestibular, pain
let someone know youre showeirngcane
have someone ready to help PRNwalker
physicallly help you transfer and bathwheelchair
dangerous place in house bathtub
water temp to prevent burns 120
dry off as much as possible _________- getting out of tubb4
safety in showerremove trip hazard, night light, heights, organize cabinets, replace glass door, never use towel bar for support
task change for showeringhand towels instaead of bath towels
eliminate part of task for showeringshower every other day
have someone do part of showeringhave someone help wash body

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Question Answer
types of shower headt diverter valve and spigot
consider how ___ faucet and basin are to front of sinkclose
useful for those who dont have TPbidet
type of bars on end wallvertical
need what kind of bar to get into tublower bar
easiest type of faucetsingle level type
door threshold not higher than 1/4 inch
tech fam to recognize hazard andprioritize/resolve concernts
make sure bathroom is ___ to stay alertwell-ventilated
time of day to showerevening because no rush; b4 you eat
fundingcommunity based and federal
Common barriers in bathroommirror/cabinets, handles, fixed shower head, sliding glass, door (want to swing out), grab bars, limited floor space
toilet needs what?Grab bars
higher level bars used totransfer into the shower
order of importance for fundingshower, toilet, sink
use what kind of matsnon skids

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