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what should you NOT do with hearing aidsget them wet
What will change shape in hot waterAFO
diff between heimlich and having disabilityheimlich is actually choking disability is just when they have an issue in eating
position eatingsit at table; 90 degrees; arm close to table; chest/trunk upright; head vertical in slight flexion
if client is dangerousremove sharp objects
for one haned for food, you shouldspear food
energy conservation for foodeat slow and completely chew food
head position while eatingslightly flexed
oral defensive strategieswilbarager, jaw tug, deep pressure around mouth
abnormal biting down is calledtonic bite reflex
examples of conditions associated with dysphagiacva, tbi, brain tumor, MS, ALS, parkinson
dysphagia stage onepureed, thickened liquids
dysphagia stage twomechanical, soft semi-thick liquid
dysphagia stage threechopped/ground, thin liquids
bottle to cup can beproblematic and stressful cuz of abnomal tone
practitioners ____ arm is around shoulder/necknon-dominant
which hand introduces fooddominant
promotes lip closure, allows straw to grade up lip closure, antispillage basefeeding cup
straw stayed filled even when removed from lip; good for lack of sucking skillone way straw
tremors/increase bodya warenessweighted 2 handeled mug
the heavier, the more it decreases tremors

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prevents pt from putting too much food in mouthright bite
one touch push button; wipe modemeal buddy
delivers 1 sp of liquidsafe straw
what is a bottle opener forweak and inefficient grasp
prevents neck flexionnose cup
weak grasping ability/inabiity to flexbuilt up angleed utensils
weak grasp joint protection (end foam)built up utensils
Tgrip bendablest-looking for weakness
elongated bendable utensilsincoordination
extention utensilslimited ROM
for tongue thrustflot spooon
tremor utenensilsswivel utensils
limited wrist kinfeangled lightweight kinfe
one handed kniferocker knife
non-slip materialdycem

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Dressing PFWselecting clothing; getting clothes, dressing/undressing; fastening/adjusting; applying personal care deivces
contrived dressingdoesnt take place in natrual environment
safety in dressinggrip socks, proper lighting, have call light; remove clutter; easy clothes to remove; sit with arm chairs; hold onto red rail
compensatory change make sure nothing is tootight
what are reachers used forto assist in don/doff/rechieve clothes