Acupressue Meridian Theory

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Question Answer
The emotion associated with the Lung Meridian isGrief, prolonged sadness
Large Intestine's major role in the body isReceive food & water from Small Intestine
Lung and Large Intestine Meridians open tothe nose
Yang condition is characterized by Heat, dryness and an acute nature
The Middle Heater includes which organsStomach and Spleen
From what pathogenic factors does Pericardium protect the heartExcessive heat, cold, dampness
How long does it take chi to circulate the entire body24 hours
Kidney chi deficiency may result in Infertility
Pericardium's main function is to Protect the Heart
In TCM the Meridians & Connectings are known asJingluo
Kidney is called the "Root of Life" becauseit is the foundation of Yin & Yang in the body
Emotions associated with Liver areAnger & aggression
When Spleen & Stomach do there job, where does the usable clear fluids goThe Lungs
Governing Vessel is responsible for Governing the Central Nervous System
Why does Spleen meridian control the muscles and the 4 limbsBecause it breaks down food into nutrients & transports Food chi to the muscles & the 4 limbs
Stomach & Spleen are seen as originators if Acquired / Post-Heavenly Chi
Fertility problems & peripheral nervous system problems are 2 common indicator of an imbalance in the Conception Vessel
What type of Chi does Lung disperse and descend in the bodyProtective chi/Wei chi
Liver is responible forStoring & cleaning blood, ensuring harmonious flow of chi & controlling the sinews
Does Pericardium help the Heart govern the blood?Yes
GV & CV can be used to maintain a animals Yin/Yang energy balance even where there is not specific problemTrue
Will Power is governed by Gall Bladder
Common signs of Heart imbalance areRestlessness, mania, depression or anxiety
If Stomach Chi rises a sign isDistention
The Heart is responsible forControlling blood vessels and governing blood
Where does Original Chi come fromParents