Actions, Origins, Insertions, and Innervations of Lab Exam 2 muscles

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Section 1

Question Answer
(Action) Tibialis anterior MDorsiflexion at ankle and inversion of foot
(Action) Extensor digitorum longusExtension of toes 2-5 and dorsiflexion of foot
(Action) Extensor hallucis longusExtension of great toe and dorsiflexion of foot
(Action) Rectus femoris MExtends knee; flexes hip
(Action) Deltoid MAbduction of the shoulder
(Action) Sartorius MFlexes, abducts, and laterally rotates thigh at hip joint; flexes knee

Section 2

Question Answer
(Origin) Biceps brachii short head MCoracoid process
(Origin) Biceps brachii long head MSuperior edge of glenoid cavity
(Origin) Brachioradialis MRidge proximal to lateral epicondyle of the humerus
(Origin) Deltoid MClavicle (acromion) and scapula (scapular spine)
(Origin) Extensor carpi radialis longus MHumerus proximal to lateral epicondyle
(Origin) Extensor carpi ulnaris MLateral epicondyle of humerus
(Origin) Sartorius MAnterior superior iliac spine
(Origin) Rectus femoris MAnterior inferior iliac spine
(Origin) Vastus lateralis MGreater trochanter of linea aspera
(Origin) Vastus medialis MBetween trochanters of linea aspera
(Origin) Vastus intermedius MLateral femur (anterior/lateral length)
(Origin) Tibialis anterior MLateral proximal half of tibia
(Origin) Extensor digitorum longusLateral condyle of tibia; anterior fibula
(Origin) Extensor hallucis longusMedial edge and anterior surface of middle portion of fibula

Section 3

Question Answer
(Insertion) Biceps brachii MRadial tuberosity
(Insertion) Brachioradialis MRadial styloid process
(Insertion) Deltoid MDeltoid tuberosity of the humerus
(Insertion) Extensor carpi radialis longus MProximal end of second metacarpal
(Insertion) Extensor carpi ulnaris MProximal end of fifth metacarpal
(Insertion) Sartorius MTibia medial to tibial tuberosity
(Insertion) Rectus femoris M; Vastus medialis/lateralis/intermedius MTibial tuberosity
(Insertion) Tibialis anterior MProximal end of first metatarsal; median cubital bone
(Insertion) Extensor digitorum longusMiddle and distal toe phalanges #2-5
(Insertion) Extensor hallucis longusDistal phalanx of great toe

Section 4

Question Answer
(Innervation) Biceps brachii MMusculocutaneous N
(Innervation) Brachioradialis MRadial N
(Innervation) Deltoid MAxillary N
(Innervation) Extensor carpi radialis longus/ulnaris MRadial N
(Innervation) Sartorius M; QuadsFemoral N
(Innervation) Tibialis anterior M; Extensor digitorum/hallucis longusDeep peroneal N