Action Potential, Synapse & Summation

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Section 1

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What goes in and what goes out of the axon membrane?The Na+ (out) and the K+ (in)
What happens when this membrane is at rest?it is a polarized membrane and it is maintained by active transport
What happens when the Na+ channels open?the Na+ rushes into the cell
What happens when the K+ channels open?the K+ rushes out of the cell (see diagram in scribbler)

Section 2

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What do the vesicles in the axon terminal contain?neurotransmitter
What is the arrival of the action potential?excocytosis
What do the receptors in the post synaptic dentrite do?they bind the neurotransmittors which diffuse accross the synatic cleft. (see diagram in scribbler)
What is the effect in the post synaptic cell?It can either be turned on (excitatory) or turned off (inhibitory)

Section 3

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When will a cell fire on action potential?When the sum reaches threshold.
What does the threshold have enough charge to do?Open the Na+ channels and start action potenial (refer to diagram in scribbler)