Act 2, Scene 2

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Holly, don't forget to turn the oven down to two-fifty.It's already done, Claire.
Yes they are.What is it Claire?
There's a man here to see you.Oh, that's probably Simon.
That baby's father?Yes, he called yesterday while you were at the doctor's. He's in town to finalize his divorce.
Well, I wish you'd told me.Well, I forgot.
How can you forget something like that?Well, you know me.
Is he staying for dinner?No, he's just...
Because we didn't make enough if he is.He's just coming to see the baby.
If he doesn't go down for his nap now, he'll be cranky.Claire, it's no big deal.
Hello, Holly.Hi, Simon.
You look exceptional.Thank you.
Yes.Claire, this is Simon Garvey. Simon, this is Claire Castle and her son, Robert.
Good.Do you want to hold him, Simon?
Yes, I want to very much.All right. Claire?
You did a wondrous job.Well, I didn't do it alone, Simon.
After Holly's father.Claire, why don't you put him down for his nap now and Simon and I can talk for a while?
We've got plenty.Stay, Simon. You've hardly seen the baby at all. He'll be up again in a couple of hours.
Well...And besides, I'm helping with cooking tonight.
So, how are you, Holly?Fine. Fine. And you?
Oh, I'm doing very well.Good.
Yes, the move to Chicago has worked out better than I'd hoped, and the divorce is done with, thank God, so...yes, I'm doing quite well.Good, Well, then it worked out for the best, didn't it> You know, losing your job here and all.
A very big problem actually.What's that?
I miss you, Holly.Really?
In fact, you're the one thing that's missing from my life right now.Oh, Simon, I'm sure you'll meet someone out there who's almost as good as me.
You're an addiction.Well, I could've told you that.
That's why I simply must have you with me.Yeah, well, it's not just me anymore, Simon. Clayton's part of the package now too.
Teach him about literature.Well, let's not make him a complete nerd.
I want the three of us to be a viable, functioning, domestic unit.Wow, talk about your charm.
All right, maybe I don't speak to these issues as poignantly as the great romantics, but my intentions are every bit as heartfelt.Simon, we can't just pick up where we left off. It's not that easy.
I have an old college chum who is the principal of a high school in Chicago and he says he can get you on staff there beginning part time with their summer classes and then going on full time in September.What?
Now, I propose that you could move out there and stay with me-in a platonic setting if you prefer-and we could work slowly yet earnestly towards reconstructing our relationship.So, I'd move in with you?
To have a built-in nanny?Actually, I moved in here to save some money.
No, I think moving in with me makes perfect sense.And I'd be teaching?
I was on my high school soccer team, so I am not unaquainted with life on the pitch.Boy, I can see this kids headed for some serious bullying.
Is that your ambiguous way of saying you might consider my proposal?Proposal? Is that what it was?
Well, I was proposing a possible reconiliation, yes.A reconciliation.
And further down the road, I may propose something else as well.Oh, boy, I'm going to have to think about this, Simon.
That's all I ask.I mean, so much has changed now.
So, you will think about it?...All right, sure.
Wonderful.But, I'm just going to think about it. I don't want to rally too much hope. I mean, I'm not making any promises.
Holly, Mom says the oven timer just went off.Oh, all right. Excuse me, Simon. I've got a casserole that's one minute away from burning.