Act 2, Scene 1

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Question Answer
Don't you think it feels like yesterday still?Yeah, yesterday, the day before. They all feel the same to me right now.
She's pretty.Bitch.
To somewhere like that?Well, I was in Florida once. My Dad took me to Disneyworld years ago.
Was it fun?Yeah. We had a really good time.
Was your Dad nice?Yeah. He was a great guy.
Cold.You're feeling a little sad these days, aren't you, Robert?
Why would I feel sad?Well, this is your last week at Copycats. They close down in three days don't forget.
It doesn't matter.Robert, it's okay to feel sad about it. Feeling sad is natural when you lose something you like.
But, I'm not crying.Look, don't worry. You'll find another job.
You should see me.I know, Robert. I know.
So, why do they have to close down?Well, I guess business isn't going too well.
Do you know where they're going to get copies, cause I don't know where they're going to get copies.Oh, my God!!
What?Oh, my god. Oh, no.
What's wrong?I think my water just broke.
What?My water broke.
Your water broke?Yes.
Well, can you fix it?No, Robert, I'm going to have the baby.
I marked it on the calender.No, no, no. I'm going to have it now.
But, it's only March twenty-first.That doesn't matter.
You've still got...let me see...thirty days has September, April, June, and November.Robert!
What?I've got to get to the hospital.
Now?Yes, right now.
Maybe it's on his way.No, no. A cab. We've got to get a cab.
A cab?Yes.
Really?Yes. Oh, God.
Maybe when I was a baby I did.Robert, would you get me a cab please?
How do I get a cab?Just wave for one. Just get out there and wave one down.
Wave one down.Do you see one?
Not yet.Well, don't wave until you see one!
Okay.Oh, God.
No punch backs.Robert, this is not a good time for that, okay? Just get me a cab!
Oh, here's one!Oh, thank God.
I got a cab for you!Thank you!
Boy, if it's that easy to get a ride, why have I been taking the bus all these years?Robert, would you help me up please?
Oh, you're heavy.I know!
There you go.Thank you.
I said goodbye.What do you mean goodbye? You've got to come with me.
What, to the hospital?Yes.
I have to go to work.No, you've got to come with me.
I mean, Tom and Anthony need me there.Well, I need you more!
Well, what will I be doing at the hospital?Keeping me company. Holding my hand.
Can I read a magazine?Yes.
Because they have good magazines at the hospital.Then you can read a magazine while you hold my hand.