Act 1, Scene 7

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OkayIt was a terrific meal, Mrs. Castle. Thank you. I don't get home-cooked meals like that very often.
Oh, and why is that?I don't cook.
You don't?No, I'm an awful cook.
Well, what do you eat?Kraft dinner. Frozen foods.
A young woman needs vegetables.Oh, yeah, I bite into a head of lettuce once in a while.
My land, didn't your mother teach you how to cook?She couldn't cook either. It's a family trait. Besides she died when I was ten.
That must have been awful for you having your mother go while you were still so young.Yeah, it was tough. But, my father was there for me. He was a good man.
Was?He died a could of years ago.
Oh, I'm sorry.Yeah, I really miss him. We were good friends.
So, I understand that you and Robert have become fairly good friends in the short time that you've known each other.Yeah, well, Robert's not hard to get toknow. He kind of tells you his whole life story right off the bat.
So he's told you a lot, has he?Yeah, he told me he's had his appendix out. He told me he used to play baseball, but it wasn't much fun...
What else did he tell you?Well, he told me that you used to take him to see baseball games, but you're too tired this year, Um...he told me about the boat.
I forgot.That's okay, I don't need any ice cream.
I'll go out and buy some.No, you don't have to.
I'll get my coat.Is it all right for him to go to the store at night.
Do you like Maple Walnut Holly?Sounds good to me.
Be right back.What does that mean?
What?Kiss the moon. Kiss the sun.
I'm the moon who watches over him at night, and he's the sun who brightens up my days.Oh, that's beautiful.
You're not married?No.
And you live in an apartment, do you?Yeah, not far from here actually. Of course, I may have to look for a new place soon.
Why's that?Well, I've got some unexpected expenses coming up, so I think I'm going to be forced to move to a cheaper place.
I mean, this is such a nice area, and Robert so enjoys riding the bus with you every morning.Well, I enjoy it too, but you have to do what you have to do I guess.
Did Robert tell you about his father?Just that he said goodbye.
On New Year's Day he jumped off a bridge and killed himself.Oh, my God.
I did that up until eight years ago.Until Jane?
Oh, Robert told you about Jane.Yes.
Did he tell you everything about Jane?He told me they were intimate.
Now, that's not to say that I wouldn't do it again, given the right set of circumstance, and with the right person.Funny, that's what I say now about sex.
You're not seeing anyone I take it?No, I'm not.
So, you live by yourself?Uh-huh.
Do you have pets?No.
Dogs, cats, hampster?No, none.
Spending your evenings watching television or just sitting by yourself in quiet desperation.Actually, I don't mind being alone.
Well, if you don't mine, then I suppose having the specter of loneliness hovering over you is fine.Well, I wouldn't say I'm lonely.
Well, I suppose that would mean that you would make a good boarder if my past experience is any barometer.Me?
Goodness, don't let me do that.Oh, don't worry. I'm not really interested in living in someone else's home.
You never know about people these days.Oh, I'm sure if you looked around you could find someone nice.
I mean, I don't think three hundred dollars is too dear to live in a nice house like this.What? How much?
Three hundred dollars.A month?
Yes.Three hundred dollars a month?
Well, that's all I would need so why would I charge more?God, that's less than half of what I'm paying now!
And the person would be expected to help clean up once in a while.Wow. Three hundred dollars.
Any job prospects on the horizon?Oh, no. Not really.
Not to mention that specter of loneliness.Would you be willing to rent that room to me?
To you?Yeah. Would you?
Are you saying that you're interested now?Well, I think that I am, yes. I mean, the money I'd save on rent here would make all the difference in the world to me.
Well, actually, you know, now that I think of it there is a problem, dear.What problem?
Well, I would need someone who could help out with the cooking every so often, and here you are, a non-cook.I could learn, You could teach me.
You'd be interested in learning?Definitely. I'll be a blank canvas for you. An empty recipe book.
So, you'd like to move in?Yes. And the sooner the better.
Oh, I don't know...What? What's the matter now?
Well, I have had that bad experience with Jane...Oh, Jane shmane. To hell with Jane. In fact, for three hundred dollars a month, I'll whack Jane for you.
Well, you know, I think Robert would be agreeable to you living here.Of course he would. What's not to be agreeable about?
Call me a fool, but let's pull the trigger on this thing.I can move in?
If you're sure you want to.Oh, I wan't to.
All right then, welcome to your new home.Thank you. Boy this couldn't have come at a better time.
Really?Oh, yeah. I mean, my phone's about the be cut off, I'm two months behind on my rent, and pretty soon I'm going to need money for maternity clothes.
Okay.I'll help you Robert.
No, Holly, wait...No, listen, if I'm going to be helping in the kitchen, it's time I started learning where everything is.
Did you say maternity clothes?Yeah! Oh, jeez, I hope this doesn't change your mind about me moving in.
You mean, you're pregnant?I'm pregnant.
Not on the uh...frequency.Thanks.
My, my.Yeah. I'm due April the first. Some joke, huh?
So, is she moving in with us, Mom?Yeah, am I?
Sure I would!Well?
Woo-hoo!Come on, Robert. Let's get that ice cream going.