Acids, Bases and Salts

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Question Answer
pH scaleScale that is used to measure the acidity or the alkalinity of an aqueous liquid.
IndicatorsSubstances that change colour according to the pH of the liquid they are in.
AcidSubstance that when dissolved in water dissociates/ionizes to give H+ as its only positive ion
Basicity of acid The number of Hydrogen ions produced when the acid ionizes.
ConcentrationThe amount of acid present in 1dm3^ of solution.
Concentrated acidAcid that contains a lot of solute water.
Dilute acidAcid that contains a little solute in a given volume of water.
Degree of ionizationHow much the acid will ionize
BaseA compound that contains a hydroxide or oxide ion
AlkaliA soluble Base; dissolves in water to form OH as the only negative ions
PrecipitateSolid that is produced from a solution.
SaltCompound in which all/part of the hydrogen of an acid have been replaced by a metallic ion