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an acid is a solution that has excess of H+ ions (hydrogen) the more H ions in a solution the more acidic it is. VINEGAR POP TOMATOS STOMACH ACID (hydrochloric acid)
properties of acidssour taste, conduct electricity, corrosive, react with metal
bases is asolution that has excess of OH- ions (HYDROXIDE IONS) another word for base is ALKALI. bases are substances that accept HYDROGEN IONS. SOAPS DETERGENTS CHALK BLOOD
properties of basesfeel slippery, taste bitter, corrosive, conduct electricity, do not react with metals
what is ph scalemeausure of how acidic or basic a solution is. ph scale ranges from 0 to 14
acidic solutions0-7. 0 is STRONG acid
basic solutions7-14. 14 is STRONG base
a solution with ph of 7is neutral (water)
neutralization reactionsreaction between an acid and a base is called a neutralization reaction. products of a neautralization reaction is a salt/ionic compound and water.
neutralization reactions are very common in lifesulferic acid and sodium hydroxide are useful industrial chemicals that are transported by trains trucks ships
heartburn is treated with antacids toneutralize the acid in the stomach
ph indicatorsph paper is colour coded to match ph levels. ph probes determine exact ph values
blue litmus paper paper turns RED in acid. STAYS BLUE In BASE
red litmus paperstays red in acid. turns blue in base.
naming binary acidscontain h and one other element (hydro + second element name + ic + acid)
naming oxyacids contain h and polyatomic ion.
naming basesmetal, add hydroxide (NaOH aq) SOME BASES CONTAIN CARBONATE IONS

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