Acetylation of Non Histone Proteins

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Which genes is HAT/HAD recruitment a key element for transcriptional control?Proliferation and differentiation genes
How many non histone acetylated proteins are there?Many hundreds- a growing list
What percentage of genes does HDACi effect?10%
What would be a more appropriate name for acetyl enzymesKDAC/ KATs
What are the two families of HDACsNadph dep Sirturins (confer sensitivity to met state of the cell) and Zn dep classical complex which form MDa complexes
What is an example of a HDACitrichostatin A
What classes of HAT exist?Transcription related acetylases such as GNAT and MYST and cytoplasmic ones which acetylate de novo histones
What differences between Ace and phosphorylation?Ace = broader specificity Fewer enzymes and No cascades identified yet
What steps of gene reg do Hats influence?Stability splicing tranport and localisation
where does acetylation affect signalling NF kB p50/p65 - p65 require K221 and K310 acetlyation to function in activating transcription. Regulated by SIRT1
What is an example of a splicing factor regulated by hRNPA1
What is a strange phenomenom obsevred in HDACiChanges to RNA half life ie eNOS - due to delta activity in turnover factors
How can acetylation switches be made?Competetion between rival models ie 320 and 370 K in p53 are the sites of Ub and acetylation for Mdm2 and PCAF respectively
Give an extra example of Def activated by aceHIF1a targeted by ARD1 HAT
How can HDACi be applied to cancer treatment?Activates transcription of p21
What percentage of mit proteins are acetylated 20% mutliple mitochonrial HATs controlled by NAD/H ratio . Link between energy state and acetylome?
Good concluding sentanceFunctional consequences as variable as number of number of acetylation targets

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