Accessibility Requirements

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Question Answer
DoorwayMinimum 32 inch width
Maximum 24 inch depth
ThresholdLess than 3/4 inch for sliding doors
Less than 1/2 inch for other doors
CarpetRequires 1/2 inch pile or less
Hallway clearance36 inch width
Wheelchair turning radius (U-turn)60 inch width
78 inch length
Forward reach in wheelchairLow reach 15 inches
High reach 48 inches
Side reach in wheelchair Reach over obstruction to 24 inches
Bathroom sinkNot less than 29 inch height
Not greater than 40 inches from the floor to bottom of mirror or paper dispenser
17 inch minimum depth under sink to back wall
Bathroom toilet17-19 inches from floor to top of toilet
Not less than 36 inch grab bar
Grab bars should be 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 inches in diameter 1 1/2 inch spacing between grab bars and wall
Grab bar placement 33-36 inches up from floor level

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