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Question Answer
define accelerationthe rate of change in velocity
how can you change your velocity speeding up, slowing down, changing direction
define constant velocitynot moving, or moving at the same speed in a straight line
how do you find accelerationvf-vi/t
what is your acceleration if you have a constant velocity0
positive accelerationobject is speeding up
negative accelerationobject is slowing down
speeding upwhen velocity and acceleration are in the same direction, both are positive
slowing downvelocity and acceleration are in opposite directions, one positive, one negative

Section 2

Question Answer
objects in freefall are under the acceleration of the force of ___________gravity
what are objects that are launched at an angleprojectiles
define gravitythe attraction of an object to the center of the earth
acceleration due to gravity-9.8m/s/s or -32ft
all objects fall at the same accelerationin vacuum- no air resistance- upward force that resists motion
initial velocity of an object dropped from rest0m/s
as velocity increases, object covers more ______displacement
objects thrown straight up have an _____initial velocity

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