AC Bradley- the Shakespearean tragic hero

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AC Bradley- tragedy brings considerableA tragedy brings before us a considerable number of persons but it is pre-eminently the story of one person the hero or at most of two the hero and the heroine
AC Bradley- only in love tragediesMoreover it is only in the love tragedies Romeo and Juliet and Antony and Cleopatra that the heroine is as much the centre of the action as the hero
AC Bradley -story leads up toThe story, next leads up to, and includes the death of the hero
AC Bradley-no play where hero remains aliveNo play at the end of which the hero remains alive is in the full Shakespearean sense a tragedy; and we no longer class Troluis and Cressida or Cymbeline as such as did the editors of the Folio
AC Bradley- troubled part of hero's lifeOn the other hand, the story depicts also the troubled part of the hero's life which precedes and leads up to his death and an instantaneous death occuring by accident in the midst of prosperity would not suffice for it. It is in fact essentially a tale of suffering and calamity conducting to death
AC Bradley- suffering exceptionalThe suffering and calamity are. moreover, exceptional. They befall a conspicuous person.
AC Bradley- contrasted with previous happinessThey are also as a rule unexpected and contrasted with previous happiness or glory
AC Bradley- a man worn by diseaseA tale for example of a man slowly worn to death by disease poverty little cares sordid vices petty persecutions however piteous or dreadful it might be would not be tragic in the Shakespearean sense
AC Bradley- suffering affects others Such exceptional suffering and calamity then affecting the hero and we must now add generally extending far and wide beyond him so as to make a whole scene of woe are an essential ingredient in tragedy and a chief source of the tragic emotions and especially of pity. But the proportions of this ingredient and the direction taken by tragic pity will naturally vary greatly
AC Bradley- total reversal of fortune A total reversal of fortune coming unawares upon a man who stood in high degree happy and apparently secure such was the tragic fact to the medieval mind
AC Bradley- tragedy concerned with high up peopleTragedy with Shakespeare is concerned always with persons of high degree often with kings or prices if not with leaders in the state like Coriolanus Brutus Antony at the least
AC Bradley- fate affects everyoneHi fate affects the welfare of a whole nation or empire and when he falls suddenly from the height of earthly greatness to the dust, his fall produces a sense of contrast of the powerlessness of man and of the omnipotence perhaps the caprice of Fortune and Fate which no fate of private life can possibly rival