Absolutism (Inc. Strengths and Weaknesses)

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Section 1

Question Answer
An an ethical absolute is what?A moral command or prohibition
What do ethical precepts exist independently to?Human Experience
What is moral absolutism based on?Platonic idealism, religious absolutism and human rights theory
Platonic IdealismThe form of the good links everything we experience together. it is therefore eternal, perfect and unchangeable
Religious absolutismThe Bible states the divine nature of God's moral teachings
Human Rights theoryHumans are endowed rights

Section 2

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What would people gain?Moral security
What does it give power to?Human rights
What is fixed?The standard of morality
What would people share?Cultural and moral values
What would not be questioned?Moral choices

Section 3

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What does it ignore?Cultural differences
What does it not consider?Emotion or compassion
What is ignored?The circumstances
What can not develop?Society
What will be lost?Personal morality