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What are the four reasons abortion is more common nowadays?Sex is seen as more as being more for pleasure than procreation, women's rights, the child mortality rate has gone down so there is less need for children and foetal abnormalities can be detected.
What was Aristotle's stance? He was in favour of it to reduce family size.
What Greek Oath forbids abortion?The Hippocratic Oath.
What is the Bible's view of it?It is not in the Bible.
What is the process of the soul being infused with a foetus called?Ensoulment.
In the centuries following Christ, what were the views on abortion within Christianity?It was debated when ensoulment happened, but it was agreed to be murder.
To Christians, life is ---Sacred.
In what situations have Christians justified killing?Self-defense, capital punishment and killing in war.
What kind of status does the Roman Catholic Church believe a foetus has?The same as a born human being.
What might happen to a Catholic who had an abortion?They might be excommunicated.
What are David Smith's four principles summarising the Christian absolute rejection of abortion?God alone is Lord of life and death, humans have no right to take a life, human life begins at conception and abortion at any stage is the murder of an innocent.
What is the Liberal protestant approach to it?They oppose it in principle, but allow it in certain situations.


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In which situations would a Liberal Protestant have an abortion?When the mother's life is threatened, in a case of rape or when the mother's physical or mental health is threatened.
What is an ectopic pregnancy?When the fertilised ovum becomes attached to the wall of the fallopian tube, so the pregnancy would lead to the death of the mother and the child.
On what might a Christian reaction to an ectopic pregnancy be based, and what does this mean?The 'double effect' rule, and that because the doctor intends to save the mother, rather than kill the foetus, an abortion is morally permissible.
What do Peter Vardy and Paul Grosch contribute to the discussion?They say that with new technology that will be able to 'laser' the foetus it will be difficult to suggest its death will be a secondary feature.
What could be said to be evidence not all human tissue is a person?Cancer cells are human tissue.
What is and what isn't a baby born without a brain?A human being, and a human person, respectively.
Who declared abortion was always murder in 1869?Pope Pius IX.
By what is the claim that a foetus is a person supported?That a foetus has the presence of all the necessary genetic material at conception.
What is the argument involving an acorn, and who said it?That just because there is a continuous growth from an acorn to an acorn tree does not mean they are the same, and Judith Jarvis Thompson.
What are two arguments against attributing 'personhood' to a foetus which is viable outside the womb?The age at which a foetus can survive is reducing due to medical technology, and there are many people dependent on continual medical assistance that we consider people.
Who gave the violinst analogy?Judith Jarvis Thompson.
What is Mary Anne Warren's view? (QUOTE)"Birth, rather than some earlier point, marks the beginning of true moral status."
Why does Jonathan Glover reject Warren's argument?Because of the similarity between later foetuses and premature babies.

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