ABO Vocab

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AberrationDeviation from a single focus of light rays emanating from one source
AccommodationThe ability of the eye to adjust focus for varying distances.
AchromaticDescriptive of a lens capable of refracting light without creating a rainbow effect.
AcuityVisual expression of sharpness of vision (i.e. 20/20)
AdditionDifference in plus power between the reading and distance portions of a multifocal lens.
AmblyopiaLoss of vision without any apparent disease of the eye.
AmetropiaA refractive error in which the eye, when in a state of rest, does not focus the image of an object upon the retina (includes hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism)
Anterior ChamberFront cavity or carpartment of the eye, located between the cornea and crystalline lens. contains the aqueous humor.
ApexThinnest edge of a prism.
AphakiaAn absence of the crystalline lens of the eye
PseudophakiaHaving a false crystalline lens
Asphericnot spherical; a lens surface having a number of curves with different radii.
AstigmatismA defect of the eye, of a lens or of an image formed by either, the curvature of the refracting surface or surfaces being different in different planes.
AxisThe meridian of no cylinder power in a spherocylinder lens.