Abnormal Psych Final 2

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Question Answer
neurodevelopmental disorders aredisorders of childhood and adolescense
ADHDinattention; overactivity; impulsivity
3 types of ADHDcombined type, prodimantley innatentive; prodominently hyperactive and impulsive
secondary characteristics of ADHDlow grades; unpopular; peer rejection
prevelance rate of ADHD6%
what is high in ADHD?comorbidity with other disorders
etiology of ADHDgenetics.
what genes does ADHD focus onD4 receptor gene, dopamine transporter gene. and the D5 receptor gene
what increases the risk of a child getting ADHD?if the mother smokes during pregnancy
what is medication used to treat ADHD?stimulants including ritalin, adderoll, and dexadrine
DSM 5 updates about ADHDADHD must be present before age 12, ADHD can be in adulthood too
Enuresishabitual involuntary urination after age 5
when is enuresis diagnosedafter age 5
treatment for eurenesismedications include antidepressent drug imiparine and Intranasal Desmopressin, and conditioning proceures
prevelance of autism1 and every 150 births
autism is more prevelant infemales and those with IQ's under 35
In higher IQ range, autisim is more prevelant inmales
when do autistic people start symptomsbefore 36 months
medication for autisimmedication to treat related disorders and hyperactivity
therapy for autismbehavioral therapy
who is more likely to have learning disorders?boys
do those with learning disorders have emotional problems?no
when must learning disorders occur?before the age of 18
90% of people with learning disordershave IQ of 50-70
Autism often comorbid withseizures