Abnormal Head

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Question Answer
Seborrheic Dermatitis "Dandruff" Yellowish
At: facial folds, eyebrows, forehead
Alopecia Areata (big brother) Autoimmune condition causing hair loss
Androgenic Alopecia (Chu Chinh) Primarily affects the top/ front of scalp
receding hairline in men and thinning in women
PsoriasisAutoimmune dermatologic condition
silvery white sharply demarcated plaques
scalp plaques can be quite thick, but usually not associated with hair loss
Tinea Capitis Fungal infection of scalp
Wood's lamp (UV light) can be used for Dx.
Keroin - raised boggy secondarily infected fungal lesion of hair
Abnormal "Facies" See chart / know all except Nephrotic Syndrome
Acromegaly excessive grown hormone production
large hands / feet
facial bone growth
Down Syndrome aka: Trisomy 21 SyndromeAbnormal cell division - chromosome 21
Facial features - flattened face, especially bridge of nose, almond shaped eyes, short neck, small ears, prominent tongue
Intellectual disability, developmental delay
Bell's Palsy (CN VII) Facial n. paralysis - idiopathic
weakness to one side of face
difficulty closing eye, flattened nasolabial fold