Abnormal gait patterns

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Question Answer
Antalgicstride length of injured leg decreases to reduce weight bearing
Ataxicwide base of support, exaggerated staggering movements
CerebellarDifferent presentations of ataxia
Circumductionswinging motion to advance leg during swing, often to compensate for decreased hip or knee flexion, or dorsiflexion
Double stepalternating steps occur at a different length or rate
Equinetoe walking
FestinatingWalking on toes as if being pushed from behind, short, shuffling, fast steps that may be difficult for patient to stop
HemiplegicAbduction/circumduction of hemiparetic leg in order to advance
ParksinonianForward flexion of trunk, increased knee flexion, gait is shuffling with quick, small steps – festination may occur
Scissorexcess hip adduction
SpasticLower extremities extremely hypomobile – may include scissoring and toe drag
Steppageexcess hip/knee flexion to lift leg excessively, due to dorsiflexion weakness; foot slap possible
Tabetichigh stepping, ataxic gait pattern with foot slap
Trendelenburgglute medius weakness causes excessive lateral trunk flexion with weight shift over stance leg
Vaultingexcess pelvic elevation and plantarflexion of stance leg to advance swing leg