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Question Answer
pre endoscope for variceal bleed give?terlipressen
endoscopy VB do what?banding
what if banding fails in VB SB tube and TIPS
post endoscopy VB give what?propanolol
pre endo for NVB give PPI or nahnah
NVB endoscopy do what adrenaline clip and burn
post endoscopy for NVB give what?ppi
FAP or lynch syndrome more common?lynch
FAP also gives what ca?thyroid
large bowel obstruction , altered bowel habit and blood ca @ ?left
ca @ rectum would present as ? (3)altered bowel habit, tenesmus, mucus and blood
adenoca paths
what is FAPgermline mutation of one allele of APC gene
sporadic mutations in serrated polyps 2 genesBRAF, mismatch repair gene
where does LS usually arise @right side (sporadic @left)
what is LSgermline mutation of one allele of DNA mismatch repair gene
what is hartmann for (3)emergency, obstructed/ perforated left colon cancer, diverticular disease
outcome of hartmanrectal stump and temporary colonstomy
circumferential resection margin +ve --> prognosis?poor prognosis
independent prognostic factor for rectal caextramural vascular invasion
screening for colorectal ca (2)flexi sigmoid, fecal occult blood
test in monitoring paracetamol overdosePT
treatment of UCmild- moderate: 5ASA,
severe: prednislone IV and other immunosuppressant
AXR of UC to look for?mucosal thickening, dilatation, fecal shadowing
fingerprinting, lead pipe -> dxUC
complication of UCca, megacolon,
pain of UC @ where?left
histology of CDgoblet cells, granulomas
complication of CDadhesion, stricture, fistula
CD increase risk of ?obstruction
investigation for CDsmall bowel enema, endoscopy
smoking protective in which one?UC
acute rx for CDIV prednisolone
chronic rx for CDazathioprine and stop smoking
fingerprinting =?mucosal thickening
coffee bean sign= dx?volvulus
when is fluoscopy CI?toxic megacolon in UC
fat halo sign and comb sign on CT = dx?crohns
apple core on barium enema --> dx?adenoca
MUST score treat when?2
MUST component (3)BMI, unplanned weight loss, no nutrition for > 5 days and acute sick
px who cant swallow need >1 month nutrients --> use what PEG
refeeding electrolytte disturbancehypo- phosphate
ileus nutrition methodparaenteral
which one is for short term nutrition with functional GI tract just cant swallow PEG or nasogastricnasogastric
GORD -> excess salivation
lifestyle rf for GORDsmoke, alcohol, coffee
drugs affecting motilitynitrates, anticholinergics, CCB -- relax lower oesophageal sphincter
rrx of high grade barrettPPI and if dysplasia, radiofrequency ablation
c- urea breath test --> ingest what? and resultsc- urea, CO2
ALARMS and >55
prep before urea beath test for abx and ppiabx: stop 4 weeks
ppi: stop 2 wks
CLO after endoscopy for hpylori: biopsy taken @ which part of stomachantrum
CLO: + ve result?ammonia turns phenoid red from yellow to red
PUD usually @ ?antrum and duodenum
PUD causes (2)Hpylori and NSAIDS
DU or GU more common?DU
ulcerated gastric ca typically have a ?rolled edge
NSAID and antiplt drugs prophylaxisPPI
surgical rx of GORD with hiatal hernianissen fundaplication
gastric cancer which type?adeno
signet rings cell - which ca?diffuse type gastric cancer (bad prog, younger px)
where does gastric ca met to? (2_liver and peritoneum
prognosis of gastric cabad 5%@5 years
urobilirubin in blood raise or drop in hepatitis ?raised because cant be recycled back to liver due to liver cell damage
urobilirubin in blood raise or drop in cholestaticdrop or none
Caeruloplasmin high or low in wilsonlwo
< ? % of total is CB =raise UCB30
ovarian ca tumor marker ca125
A 72-year-old woman presents with a two day history of diarrhoea and pain in the left iliac fossa. Her temperature is 37.8ÂșC. She has a past history of constipation.diverticulitis usually acute
A 24-year-old smoker presents with intermittent diarrhoea for the past 6 months. She feels bloated, especially around her periods. Bloods tests are normal.ibs
anaemia and low folate/ ferritincoeliac
Obese T2DM with abnormal LFTsNAFLD
Dysphagia equally to both solids and liquids from the outsetachalasia
pericolic abscess from ?diverticulitis
painless acute bleed rectal and altered bowel habitdiverticulitis
meckel diverticulum @?2feet from ileocecal valve
painless massive GI bleed in kidsdiverticulum meckel
vomit AFTER painappendicitis
ileus bowel soundabsent
obstruction bowel soundstingling