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Abbreviation 2

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Question Answer
1. OD Over Draft
2. ODA Official Development Assistance
3. OECD Organization of Economic Co-Operation and Development
4. OGL Open General License
5. OIC Organization of Islamic Countries
6. OIL Oil India Limited
7. OLTAS Online Tax Accounting System
8. OMCS Oil Marketing Companies
10. OPEC Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Countries
11. OSCE Organization For Security And Cooperation In Europe


Question Answer
1. PAC Public Accounts Committee
2. PACS Primary Agriculture Credit Societies
3. PAN Permanent Account Number (Of Income-Tax)
4. PATA Pacific-Asia Travel Association
5. PCI Per capita income
6. PD Primary Deficit
7. PDO Public Debt Office
8. PDS Public Distribution System
9. PIL Public Interest Litigation
10. PIO Persons Of Indian Origin
11. PN Participatory Note
12. PNB Punjab National Bank
13. PO Principal Office
14. POP Point Of Purchase
15. PPF Public Provident Fund
16. PPP Public private partnership / Purchasing power parity
17. PSE Public Sector Enterprises
18. PTA Preferential Trade Area
19. PURA Providing urban amenities in rural areas
PM Post Meridiem


Question Answer
1. QIB Qualified Institutional Buyer
2. QIP Qualified Institutional Placement
3. QR Quantitative Restriction
2. RDBMS Relational Database Management System
3. RE Revenue Expenditure
4. REC Rural Electrification Corporation
5. RIDF Rural infrastructure development fund
6. RMB Renminbi (Chinese)
7. RR Revenue Receipts
8. RRB Regional Rural Bank
9. RRPI Rural Retail Price Index
10. RSETI Rural Self Employment Training Institute
11. RTGS Real Time Gross Settlement


Question Answer
1. SAARC South Asian Association for Regional Co-Operation
2. SAFTA South Asian Free Trade Area
3. SAIL Steel Authority of India Limited
4. SAM Social Accounting Matrix
5. SAPTA SAARC Preferential Trading Agreement
6. SARFAESI ACT The Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002
7. SBI State Bank of India
8. SC Schedule Caste
9. SCO Shanghai Cooperation Organization
10. SCOPE vStanding Conference On Public Enterprises
Question Answer
11. SDF shipping declaration form
12. SDR Special Drawing Rights
13. SEBI Securities and Exchange Board of India
14. SEWA Self-employed woman’s association
15. SEZ Special Economic Zone
16. SFC State Financial Corporation
17. SGL Subsidiary General Ledger
18. SIDBI Small Industries Development Bank of India
19. SLR Statutory Liquidity Ratio
20. SSI Small-Scale Industries
22. STDR Special Term Deposit Receipt
23. STT Securities Transaction Tax
24. SWIFT Society for Worldwide Financial Telecommunications


Question Answer
1. TC Temporary Change
2. TDS Tax Deduction at Source
3. TIFR Tata Institute Of Fundamental Research
4. TIN Tax Information Network
5. TINXSYS Tax Information Exchange System
6. TISCO Tata Iron and Steel Company
7. TPDS Targeted Public Distribution System
8. TRAI Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India
9. TRIMS Trade Related Investment Measures
10. TRIPS Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights
11. TRYSEM Training Of Rural Youth For Self Employment
12. TT Telegraphic Transfer


Question Answer
1. UCO United Commercial Bank
3. UNCTAD United Nations Conference On Trade And Development
4. UNDP United Nations Development Program
5. UNEF United Nations Emergency Force
6. UNEP United Nations Environment Program
7. UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific And Cultural Organization
8. UNFCCC United nation framework convention on climate change
9. UNFPO United Nations Fund For Population Activities
10. UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees
11. UNHRC United Nations Human Rights Commission
12. UNICEF United Nations International Children’s (Emergency) Fund
13. UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organization
14. UNRRA United Nations Relief And Rehabilitation Administration
17. USE United Stock Exchange


Question Answer
1. VAT Value-Added Tax
2. VC Venture Capital
3. VDIS Voluntary Disclosure Of Income Scheme
4. VRS Voluntary Retirement Scheme


Question Answer
1. WEF World Economic Forum
2. WFP World Food Program
3. WHO World Health Organization
4. WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization