A6 Italian verbs related to everyday life

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* indicates the word has a reflexive form, es: fare* > fare, farsi, and both meanings are given, with the reflexive meaning preceeded by *
illuso indicates an irregular past particilple, all other verbs have the regular endings, -ato, -uto and -ito,

A6-1 Hint: " to bring together"

italian infinitive definition
avvolgere*to envelop, to wrap, to cover *to wrap oneself
svolgere*to unfold, to carry out (a plan/program), to perform (un compiti/mansione -task), to expound on, *to unwrap oneself
cogliereto gather, to seize
stringere*to tighten, to squeeze *to tighten oneself (with friends)

A6-2 Hint: "windows and doors"

italian infinitive definition
aprire*to open *to open up (the cafe') (oneself) aperto
spalancare*to throw open *to burst open (oneself)
chiudere*to close, to fasten *to close ((by) oneself) chiuso
socchiudereto close a little
serrare*to lock, to clamp, to tighten, to clench *to close in (on) (oneself(ves)

A6-5 Hint: " pictures on the wall"

italian infinitive definition
appendereto hang (pin up), to dangle
affigereto post up, to affix
sospendereto hang, FIG to suspend, to ban

A6-5 con't Hint: " pictures on the wall"

Question Answer
agguistareto fix, to repair, to adjust
rompereto break rotto (rompere un contratto) (to break a contract)
tenereto keep, to hold
prendereto get, to take
sorreggereto hold up, to bolster, to support

A6-6Hint: "in the garden "

italian infinitive definition
cultivareto cultivate
estirpareto up-root, dig out, to eradicate
gettareto bud, to shoot up

A6-7 Hint: "games "

italian infinitivedefinition
incontrareto play against
giocareto play (a game)
scommettereto bet scomesso
battereto beat, to defeat

A6-8a Hint: "taking care of things "

Question Answer
confezionareto tailor, to manufacture
cucireto sew
dipingereto paint dipinto
erigere*to erect *to straighten oneself up
tingereto dye
addobbareto decorate

A6-8b Hint: "taking care of things "

italian infinitivedefinition
pulireto clean
decorareto decorate
lavare*to wash * to wash oneself
spazzolareto brush, to polish, to mop
confezionareto tailor, to manufacture

A6-9 Hint: " NOT taking care of things "

italian infinitive definition