A451 Hardware

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What is the purpose of the CPU?The CPU (the central processing unit) which contains the processor, main memory and cache memory, is responsible for fetching instructions from main memory, decoding and executing the instructions fetched, performing calculations and managing the movement of instructions and data to and from peripheral devices
What is the fetch execute cycle?The process by which a program is run: instructions are stored in main memory, fetched by the processor one at a time, decoded and executed.
What is the function of the arithmetic logic unit (ALU)? To carry out all of the arithmetic and logical operations
What is the function of the control unit?The part of the CPU that uses electrical signals to control the flow of data within the CPU
Define and explain how clock speed affects the performance of the CPUMeasured in hertz or cycles per second, the clock speed represents how many instructions per second the processor can execute. The higher the clock speed, the faster the CPU can operate.
Define cache memory and explain how greater cache size improves CPU performance