A3 Italian verbs "on the move or in action"

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* indicates the word has a reflexive form, es: fare* > fare, farsi, and both meanings are given, with the reflexive meaning preceeded by *
illuso indicates an irregular past particilple, all other verbs have the regular endings, -ato, -uto and -ito,

A3-1 Hint: "it can't stay still"

italian infinitiveenglish definition
colpireto hit, to knock
gettare*to throw, to dump (throw away) *to throw oneself
buttare*to throw, to cast, to sprout *to throw oneself
lanciare*to fling, to hurl, to toss *to fling oneself
tirare*to pull, to tug, to draw out *to tug at oneself (pull ones hair)
spingereto push spinto

A3-1 continues Hint: "it can't stay still"

Question Answer
scagliare*to throw, to hurl, to shoot *to throw at each other
prendereto take preso
acchiappareto take, to grab
acciuffareto seize
afferrareto catch, to grab
trarreto take in tratto
raccogliereto pick up, to collect raccolto

A3-2 Hint: " changing location"

italian infinitive definition
sollevare*to lift, to raise *to lift oneself
portare*to carry, to bring, to wear, to move *to move oneself (get ahead in work)
alzare*to raise, to lift, to shrug *to get oneself up (out of bed...)
levare*to take away, to remove *to rise (in revolt...)
spostareto shift (from a place or spot)

A3-3 Hint: " changing direction"

italian infinitivedefinition
volgereto turn, to turn over (pages in a book) volto
capovolgereto invert, to revolve, to reverse capovolto

A3-4 Hint: "movement "

italian infinitivedefinition
passeggiareto stroll, to walk
camminareto stroll, to walk, to get going
zampettareto patter
barcollareto reel, to stagger
sbrigare* (a)to get through, to deal with, * to hurry

A3-5 Hint:"it's location has changed "

italian infinitive definition
cercareto look for, to search, to try (attempt)
ottenereto obtain, to achieve
ricavareto obtain
porre*to put *to put oneself posto
rivolgere*to turn, to address *to address oneself
mettere* (a)to put *to put oneself messo

A3-6 Hint:" no go"

italian infinitive definition
fermareto stop
smettere (di)to stop smesso
perdereto let, to stop, to leave
parcheggiareto park
lasciareto leave, to drop off, to let go of
togliereto remove, to take off, to take away
espellereto expel
spellireto bury
concludereto conclude concluso

A3-7 Hint: " vacation"

italian infinitive definition
viaggiareto travel, to journey
guidareto guide AUTO to drive
visitareto visit, to tour
trovare*to find, *to meet up with or find yourself
continuare (a)to continue
seguireto follow, to pursue
accompagnareto go, to come, to take a drive or walk, to take s.o. somewhere (to drive s.o. somewhere)

A3-8 Hint:" pace"

italian infinitive definition
affrettareto hurry
adagiareto lay down, to ease down (adjective: adagio)
piareevenly, slowly, softly, smoothly (adjective: piano)
rallentareto slow down