A2 Verbs Italian past participles participi passato italiano

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* indicates the word has a reflexive form, es: fare* > fare, farsi, and both meanings are given, with the reflexive meaning preceeded by *

A2-1a Hint: "the mind"

italian infinitive definition
sapere (di)to know, to know how to do something
conoscere*to know a person, place or thing; *to know oneself, *to know each other, *to meet
pensare (di)to think
capire* (a)to understand; *to understand each other
imparare (a)to learn

A2-1b Hint: "the mind"

Question Answer
ricordare (di)to remember
apprendereto learn
dimenticare (di)to forget
comprendereto comprehend
soppartareto bear, to stand
risolvereto resolve, to solve

A2-2 Hint: " to see what may be"

italian infinitive definition
immaginare (di)to immagine
desiderareto wish
auguare (di)to wish
rompereto believe
credere* (di)to believe, to suppose, *to see oneself as
dubitare (di)to doubt, suspect, mistrust, distrust, to hesitate

A2-2.1 Hint : "to hope, to try"

Question Answer
sperare (di)to hope
provareto try
tenare (di)to try to
cercare (di)to try to
sognare (di)to dream
sospirareto sigh, yearn for

A2-3 Hint: "related to thoughts"

italian infinitive definition
riflettereto reflect
alludereto allude to, to make reference to
dedurreto deduce, to infer, to gain understanding by association
assegnareto attribute, to assign

A2-4 Hint: " choices"

italian infinitivedefinition
decidere* (di)to decide, * to make up one's mind to
scegliere (di)to choose, to select
controllareto verify, to check
preferireto prefer
distinguereto distinguish
negare (di)to deny
refiutare* (di)to refuse

A2-5 Hint: "social with others"

italian infinitivedefinition
convincereto convince
correggereto correct
interrompereto interrupt

A2-6 Hint: "to do"knowledge

italian infinitive definition
insegnare (a)to teach
leggereto read
scrivereto write
tradurreto translate
studiareto study

A2-7 Hint: " to arrange (in general)"

italian infinitive definition
situareto position, to set, to locate
ordinareto order, to sort, to classify
accendereto turn on, to light
eleggereto elect
promuovereto promote
dirigereto direct (manage)
ritenere (di)to maintain (also means to believe, to think)