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Barker (2001)"Moral Panic"
Bauman (1998)"Left Behind"
Noam Chomsky"Eroding Normal Social Behaviour"
Jackie Cosh (2008)"An essential part of the contemproary working world"
De Sola Poole (1977)"The flowering of a hundred voices"
Gatlung and Ruge"Magnitude" (Hard news) "Personality" (Soft news)
Dan Gillmor (2004)'Citizen journalism'
Clay Shirky (2012)"We are renegotiating the relationship between the reader and the publication"
Jurgen Habermas (1991)"Celebrity and trivia"
Irvine (2006)"Modern media has simply dissolved time, distance, place and local culture that once decided the globe"
Henry Jenkins (2006)"Migratory behaviour"
Henry Jenkins (2006)"Every consumer gets courted across multiple media platforms"
Henry Jenkins (2006)"Participatory Culture"
Henry Jenkins (2006)"Everyone is a Producer of media"
Henry Jenkins (2006)"We can now communicate across geographical barriers"
Henry Jenkins (2006)"the kinds of entertainment experiences they want"
Andrews Keen (2011)"Shamelessness"
Leadbetter (2009)"we are part of the experiment as well as conducting it"
Lull (2006)"As technological and cultural landscapes evolve, the sense of belonging and community does not disappear
Mcluhan (1967)"Global village"
Plunkett (2008)"Straight to their audience via the web"
Poniewozick (2009)'Physically solitary experience" (BBC IPLAYER)
Tapscott and williams (2006)"increasingly in command"
Michael Wesch"The machine is us/ing us"
Dave Winer (1994)"Once the user takes control they never give it back"

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