A10 Italian verbs to communicate and to be courteous

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* indicates the word has a reflexive form, es: fare* > fare, farsi, and both meanings are given, with the reflexive meaning preceeded by *
illuso indicates an irregular past particilple, all other verbs have the regular endings, -ato, -uto and -ito,

A10-1a Hint: "to communicate"

italian infinitive definition
parlare*to speak *to speak to each other
dire* (di)to tell, to say *to tell oneself, to tell each other detto
domandare* (di) to ask, to ask for *to ask oneself
chiedere*to ask for *to ask oneself chiesto
raccontare (di)to tell (a story)
annunciare (di)to announce
dichiarare (di)to declare (es: to declare war)
spettegolare (di)to gossip
chiacchierareto chat

A10-1b Hint: "to communicate"

italian infinitive definition
spiegare* (di)to explain *to understand, to explain oneself
iterareto iterate
rispondereto answer, to reply
chiamare*to call, *to call oneself
richiamare* to call again *to call each other (back)
discutereto discuss discusso
richidereto request

A10-1c Hint: "to communicate"

italian infinitive definition
descrivereto describe
esigereto demand
informare (di)to inform
persuadereto persuade
insistere (a)to insist
concedereto concede
rincrescereto regret
deludereto disappoint deluso

A10-2a Hint: "courteous"

italian infinitive definition
suggerireto suggest, to propose
invitareto invite
salutareto greet
aiutare*to help *to help each other
sccorrereto help soccorso
assistereto serve
provvedereto provide

A10-2b Hint: "courteous"

italian infinitivedefinition
mostrareto show
introdurreto introduce introdotto
esprimereto express
proporreto propose proposto
offrire (di)to offer offerto
permettere* (di) to permit; to permit each other permesso

A10-2c Hint: "courteous"

italian infinitivedefinition
accettare (di)to accept, to take
ringraziareto thank
scusareto excuse, to pardon
perdonareto forgive, to pardon
riassumereto summarize ~riassunto