A1 Verbs Italian past participles participi passato italiano

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* indicates the word has a reflexive form, es: fare* > fare, farsi, and both meanings are given, with the reflexive meaning preceeded by *
(irregular past participle) (-a, -i, -e) takes essere

A1- 1Hint: "to obtain or to pass to another"

italian infinitivedefinition past participle
avereto have avuto
accogliereto receive, to host accolto (irr)
ricevere to receive ricevuto
rendere*to give back, return, *to make oneself reso (irr)
dare*to give; *to devote oneself, *to give oneself dato
porgere to offer porto (irr)
ridare to return (to give back) ridato
mandare to send mandato

A1-2 Hint : "make like it is"

italian infinitive definition past participle
assomigliareto look like assomigliato (-a, -i, -e)
fingere*to pretend, to fake, *to pretend to be ...., *to play to be.... finto (-a, -i, -e) (irr)
pretenderevtr to pretend vi aspire to preteso (-a, -i, -e) (irr)
deludere to delude deluso (irr)
illudere*to trick, to illude, *delude yrself illuso (irr)
approfittare (di) to take advantage approfittato (-a, -i, -e)

A1-3 Hint: "to do"in general

italian infinitive definition past participle
fare* (facere)to do, to make, * to do oneself, *to make oneself fatto (irr)
preparare*to prepare, *to get (oneself) ready preparato
produrreto produce prodotto (irr)
condurreto conduct condotto
compiereto complete ( have a birthday) compiuto
attuareto implement, to put into effect attuato
participareto participate participato

A1-4 Hint: "to work

italian infinitive definition past participle
assumereto hire assunto (irr)
disoccupareto be out of work disoccupato
impiegareto employ, to use impiegato
ammettereto admit, to acknowledge ammesso
consigliereto recommend consigliuto
raccomandareto recommend racommandato
faticareto fatigue, to work hard faticato
lavorareto work lavorato