A1 Italian verbs "to do, to do work"

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* indicates the word has a reflexive form, es: fare* > fare, farsi, and both meanings are given, with the reflexive meaning preceeded by *

A1- 1Hint: "to obtain or to pass to another"

italian infinitive definition
avereto have
accolgiereto receive
ricevereto receive
renderer*to give back, return; *to make oneself
dare*to give; *to devote oneself, *to give oneself
porgereto offer
ridareto return (to give back)
mandareto send

A1-2 Hint : "make like it is"

italian infinitive definition
assomgliareto look like
fingere*to pretend, to fake, *to pretend to be ...., *to play to be....
pretendereto pretend
deludereto delude
illudereto trick, to illude
approfittare (di)to take advantage

A1-3 Hint: "to do"in general

italian infinitive definition
fare* (facere)to do, to make, * to do oneself, *to make oneself
preparare*to prepare, *to get (oneself) ready
produrreto produce
condurreto conduct
compiereto complete ( have a birthday)
attuareto implement, to put into effect
participareto participate

A1-4 Hint: "to work

italian infinitive definition
assumereto hire
disoccupareto be out of work
impiegareto employ, to use
ammettereto admit, to acknowledge
consigliereto recommend
raccomandareto recommend
faticareto fatigue, to work hard
lavorareto work