A.S Chemistry Unit 2 Last bit of Module 1

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What needs to happen before plastic waste can be processed and sorted into new products?Before plastic waste can be processed and converted into new products it has to be sorted
What are the most common polymers to be recycled?PET and HDPE plastic bottles are the most common polymers to be recycled
What is PET separated from?PET is separated from HDPE
What happens if PVC is not separated effecticely from PET?If PVC is not separated effectively from PET, it undermines the whole recycling process. Even a small quantity of PVC in PET can render the product unsuitable for re-use.
What can PET bottles be converted into?PET bottles are converted into a wide range of materials such as carpets
What are HDPE converted to?Hard plastic materials, e.g. plastic bins and boxes
What are LDPE converted into?Plastic refuse sacks
What is produced when you burn polymers under controlled conditions?

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