A.S Chemistry Module 3

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What do catalysts enable products to do?Catalysts enable products to be made more quickly easily, requiring less energy, cutting fuel costs and reducing watse
What do catalytic converters play an important role in?Catalytic converters play an important role in improving our air quality by reducing toxic emissions from vehicles and preventing photochemical smog
What are biological catalysts often?Biological catalysts are often enzymes, generating very specific products and operating in mild conditions, close to room temperature and pressure
Are enzymes biodegradable?Enzymes are biodegradable whereas conventional catalysts are often poisonous and can pose disposal problems.
What do enzymes often allow reactions to do?Enzymes often allow a reaction to take place which forms pure products, with no side reactions. This removes the need for complex separation techniques, therefore reducing costs

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What does a catalyst do in terms of the rate of reaction when something's at equilibrium?A catalyst speeds up the rate of the forward and reverse reactions equally. A catalyst increases the rate at which equilibrium is established
Positives and negatives of low temp?Low temp might produce a high yield, but also means low rate of reaction
Positive and negatives of high pressure?High pressure increases rate and equilibrium yield, but expensive and safety issues
Conditions for ammonia production?High pressure and low temp favour ammonia production

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