A.S Chem Module 1 Polymers

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What does burning poylmers produce and what can this be used for?Burning polymers under controlled conditions produces heat energy, which can be harnessed to make electricity
What are processes being developed to convert polymers into?Processes are being developed to convert polymers into synthesis gas. Hydrocarbons and synthesis gas can be used as a chemical feedstock as a fuel at oil refineries for cracking.
Why is recycling PVC problematic?PVC has a high chlorine content so recycling it is problematic. When PVC is heated to high temperatures during the recyling process hydrogen chlorine fumes are formed
What can you do to incinerators to make them better?Incinerators can be equipped with pollution control apparatus
What sort of plastics have been invented?Biodegradable plastics have been invented - they break down as a result of bacterial activity.
What are biodegradable plastics derived from?Biodegradable plastics are derived from renewable raw materials such as starch, maize, cellulose and lactic acid
How do compostable plastics break down?Compostable plastics break down by a biological process during composting to co2, h2o, biomass and inorganic compounds.

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