A.S Biology Unit 1.6 Immunity Application Questions

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Question Answer
From your knowledge of cell-mediated immunity and lung structure suggest why humans infected by bird flu may sometimes die from suffocationindeed
What is the purpose of adding detergent to the mixture of B cells and tumour cells?yeahhhhh boiiiii
When the detergent is added to the cells, the mixture is gently agitated. Suggest a reason why.possibly
Why are cells from cancer tumours used to fuse with the B cells?dick
Some B cells and tumour cells fuse together. Suggest which other cells might also fuse together?B cells with B cells, tumour cells with tumour cells.
How might an organisation funding research influence the outcome of that research without dishonestly altering the findings?Present the findings in an incomplete/biased way, ignore unfavourable findings, withdraw funding for research that seems likely to find unfavourable findings, only fund research likely to produce favourable findings