A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin Chapter Two Vocab

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Question Answer
to be, existsum, esse
maid (female) servant ancilla, ancillae, f.
JudeaJudea, Judaeae, f.
justice, righteousnessjustitia, justitiae, f.
MaryMaria, Mariae, f.
powerpotentia, potentiae, f.
field (pl. country) ager, agri, m.
lamb agnus, agni, m.
messenger, angel angelus, angeli, m.
archangel archangelus, archangeli, m.
apostleapostolus, apostoli, m.
Anointed One, Messiah, Christ Christus, Christi, m.
God Deus, Dei (nom pl. dii)
disciple, student discipulus, discipuli, m.
lord, master dominus, domini, m.
overseer, bishop episcopus, episcopi, m.
sonfilius, filii, m.
servant, minister minister, ministri, m.
PeterPetrus, Petri, m.
peoplepopulus, populi, m.
servant, slave servus, servi, m.
today hodie (adv)
for nam
not non (adv)
acrosstrans (accusative)
boy, child, servant puer, pueri, m.
psalmpsalmus, psalmi, m.

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